My 3d models for sale

Here is the link to my work so far on 3d02

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I dont want to sound like a party pooper but i very much doubt that anyone will pay $20 for a tea set. The market for 3d models is uber swamped as it is and its next to impossible to sell enough to make any money at all. Especially in the arch viz market.

Max comes with a tea pot as standard so…

well I only made it $20 because other people were charging like $30 for their tea set.
How much would you say I should charge for it then?

and what models would you recommend I make to sell?

Loading up your post with underrepresented but related keywords will do you a world of good in selling copies compared to posting here.

Ok. awesome thanks for the advice!

Honestly I wouldn’t bother. Although its tempting to try and make a bit of cash from our hobby, and i don’t mean that in a condesending way at all, the reality is that you will not make money selling 3d models like these. The market for models is just saturated and there is so much free stuff out there your really just widdeling into the wind so to speak. You are also competing against more and more Chinese studios producing very high class models for next to nothing. I regularly get emails from these type of studios and the work is top shelf and they just price most developers out of the market. Its a growing problem for European and American studios as we just can’t match the low prices with the overheads we have.

There is a growing market for game assets and prefabs but again the market is very,very competitive.

My only advice would be if you really want to continue would be research the market, see what is selling. And also make sure you are at the top of the game skill wise.

I think that is very true… thanks for the advice… I was thinking: what do people really want and that’s what I will make

I’ve made hundreds of dollars selling my models, don’t give up and eventually it may pay off.

I also wouldn’t recommend selling on your own site unless you get alot of traffic because otherwise I’d imagine business would be reeeaaalllyyy slow.

Ok thanks!!!