My 3D/ VFX Demo Reel - Looking for feedback and constructive criticism

Hey Everyone,

Please take a look at my latest 3D/ VFX Demo Reel. i am looking for any constructive criticism and/or feedback from the community. Some of the work is commercial and other parts are from a personal project rendered through Render.ST’s ‘For Artists’ program.

Thank you for your time.

I think it looks great, some improvements could be move all the text of the video (the tags of VFX, Modelling, etx) at the bottom, also write all the text in just a line instead of paragraphs, use a solid background for the text instead of a semi-transparent and I think you shouldn’t use serifs. Also you should mute the audio of the videos and leave onlye the music audio. I think it would be a great idea if you use some pictures of your models or renders (if you have it)

nice work all in all…
… but: you have to change the first section. there are too many “flat” scenes with 2d chars in a 3d enviroment. my first thought was " can you make these with ms powerpoint either?" even though i know than you can´t.

Hey All,

Thank you for your replies and feedback. Here is what I was able to come up with based on your input. I was able to add some new scenes and I think adding the OPENGL Renders to show some of the process was also very helpful. I’d really appreciate any additional advice from the community.

Thank you very much.

i like the second version much more. two things to mention: the sabercats football sequence shows best, what you are capable of. perfect. and you gotta check the car´s suspension in the superbabyscene. it doesn´t look realistic, when the kid lifts the car