my 3rd model in blender, kon from bleach

hi all
this my 3rd model in blender, it took about 4 h total
i hope you like it

i welcome any critique :slight_smile:


I love it!

Kon is my favorite character from Bleach.

Wireframe + polygons?

Really looking good for a 3rd model.

You could perhaps do a retopo and then texture/rig/shapekey/animate it?

this model really isn’t done. It still needs color and texture. I don’t mean that as an insult. It really is part of learning and since you have a model I’d use it and start learning the next steps. But nice work so far :slight_smile:

sorry i uploaded the wrong ones - i was in a hurry :slight_smile: - so here is the finished work


the ears look a bit too stiff and geometric, compared to the feel of the rest of the model, but otherwise i really like this.
i too would really like to see some wireframes :slight_smile:

@saeblundr i will try to do something else with the ears, i’ll plast one of them and make the cotton burst out of it, and i may put a dirty texture on it.

and sorry next time i will upload the wire frame :slight_smile:

hi all
sorry i’m late but my hard driver exploded and etc>>>>>>>

here is a wire frame view


Hi, suggestion. I’d go to the next step and use some particles to create fur to give the furry texture of a stuffed animal. Right now it just looks clean and slick, no fur. The model looks great though :smiley:

Lovely work! Reminds me of BlenderCookie’s Teddy Bear tutorial :wink: Keep working at it :smiley:

ahhh I loved KON lol. always such a colourful character lol, really nice job btw :slight_smile: have you considered animating him?

I recognized him right away in the thumbnail! That’s good enough for me, if you’re doing more I’ll see it as a bonus. :smiley:

Aye, nice work. I’m not familiar with the character, but you did a good job with the model, it looks great!

thanks guys, i will upload new pictures soon, about the animation maybe :slight_smile:

Really good work, the topology most certainly works well.

If you intend on animating, though, I’d suggest addin’g some more edgeloops along the arms and legs. Don’t know how marked the knees or elbows need to be, but that’s something you should consider vefore rigging. n_n

Keep up the good work!

Just watched what I hope was not the last bleach episode!

My favorite perverted plushie he looks pretty spot on well done

Looks good!

I don’t think Kon has fur, I think it’s a fluffy fabric kind of plushy.

i like it…
hopefully u’ll add some texture on it, fabric texture (so it’ll look like a real doll) and some fur too.

it looks great!