My 5 minute cloth tutorial.

I wrote this short tute because someone wanted to know how to make cloth folds quickly.

Hope this helps anyone who may find it useful.

Please click here to view.



the link to your website is broken (thought that I would let you know …)


The link is not broken for me…hmmm. Anyway, I like it! That is a neat idea, and it definately is quick!


Thanks, the Xinos site is down, due to not seeming to exist.

I haven’t managed to get everything transferred to another server yet.

Hope you find the tute helpful.



That is a very cool and useful tutorial, can’t wait to try it.

Works good :wink: Thx

An excellent technique.

Good tutorial. I’m working on it now. I’m just trying to think of different ways to change the way it drapes. That noise button in the edit tools is useful. I’ve never used it before. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I havent done it yet but it is going to make the bookmarks list for sure!!!

:o OMG great tute!

So simple… and so effective!