My 5 minutes Animation (Previews)


I’m so excited because I learned a lot of different things through this forum/youtube/…
I’m now “good enough” (I still have a lot to learn) to create a 5 minutes animation.

It will be a 5 min cartoon wrestling animation, I still have to do the walk/run cycle of the wrestlers (Though they have exactly the same armatures, so I think I could copy/paste the frames to do the things faster!)

Well, here’s a preview of the commentators

Commentators are almost done, during the first minute they introduce the animation, talking about the event (the wrestling match), animations are ok (body/facial), lips are sync (thanks to bake to F-Curves)

Actually, I recorded everything in french, I’m half American and half Belgian, so I think I could do it in English too but I’ll wait if people really want it in English. Dialogues aren’t complicated.

The only problem I didn’t solve, dynamic hair particles : it never worked, I watched/read a lot of different articles/videos, and it never worked correctly or Blender crashed. But I don’t mind.

Here’s a preview of the audience

Though, I can’t add them anymore to my animation or Blender crash, I can only add this audience (The audience is split in 2 parts, because it’s a huge amount of vertices)

From what I’ve heard, I need more memory to add everything… When I’ll finish my animation, if I cannot add the audience I’ll ask you what should I do. (My computer is pretty old and wasn’t supposed to do 3D when we bought it, but I don’t think I’ll buy a new one actually)

Thanks for reading!

To improve performance, you will need to get an processor that has 8 cores or more. Also you will need at least 16 GB or higher to get the demand that you want. But over all having a render farm is also nice to have.

The visual side is looking good. The simplest way to make it look even better is to add better lighting. Light makes your colors look better and shadows brings more depth.