My 6-month mark using Blender!

Most of the work you’ll see from me are challenges to myself. I’m constantly asking: Can I do that? That’s where this sculpt of actor Robert Knepper came from. Robert Knepper Final Sculpt After seeing a number of amazing portraits of real people on Art Station I asked the question. “Can I freaking do something that awesome? I’ll try.” And like everything I’ve challenged myself with, I’m enjoying the discovery and loving the process. The last 6-months have been amazing ride and can’t wait to learn more and keep improving!


That’s awesome. I’m on about month #9 myself. Learned on 2.79 and am using 2.8 now. In that short time I went from noob to employed. (so to speak, I’m a contractor on salary)

In 9 months, I’ve still barely scratched the surface of what blender is capable of.

Thanks! That my hope for my nine month mark - employment in the field. Actively applying now for positions, but tough getting that foot in the door. Hoping the Rookies helps me out some. If you have any advice would love to hear it. Thanks again and all the best!

I tripped and fell into it. I was just making mods for a game and the devs contacted me and asked if I wanted to make a little money. That was like 5 months ago. Since then I’ve gone from getting paid by the piece, to just being on salary. I’m heavily influenced by their teaching and feedback, but I’ve also brought in some techniques of “my own” which I learned mostly from the CGMasters Corvette training course, which I’m only about half way through, but have learned a lot from.

Thanks for giving me the hope of finding something out there. Since you’re working on vehicles you might enjoy this Baja Space Bug I created a couple months back.