my actions don't work in bge 2.58

hello. i am using bge 2.58. i have my actions let up in the logic bricks and in the action editor however they do not appear to be functioning in game mode. does anybody mind sharing the settings needed for an armature and its mesh for them to work in bge 2.58. thanks. the settings i am using worked in 2.49.


game_1.blend (947 KB)

It would be helpful if you posted a blend file.

i have uploaded the file.

I’m not entirely sure why, but moving the armature modifier to the bottom of the stack (highest in the list) seemed to do it. It probably has to do with the way the BGE processes modifiers.

you were right. but when i relase the up arrow key, shouldnt the character snap back to the “always” conditions (static action)?

Change from play to loop stop or loop end. Do the same on your running animation.

thank you. this was was correct.