My airbrush paintings

Hi, as I’ve come back to doing some painting again, here’s my gallery:


wow. those are really good. you’ve got some talent bro!!!

Never airbrushed before, but I must say,thats some fine work going on there.
I especially like the look of the dogs.
Real pro stuff.

…Beautiful …love the animals…lots of expression…wish I had a image of my 12" Beagle like that…been thinking of trying to do one in Blender but don’t have the skill yet (maybe never)…did some airbrushing years ago …before I got my finger mangled in a tractor drive belt…so I can really appreciate the skill involved…hope it bring you much joy…

what cha need is an inline water filter which separates the water from ur air doesn’t matter if ur compressors in a dry spot or not they all create water its by product of compressing air…u can purchase 1 at Sears or at most any decent hardware store that will give u an idea of pricing and what 1 looks .like there’s also smaller 1s made specifically for air brushes which are a bit pricier and have a glass bubble on em…