My Animation Laboratory

MWUHAHAHA… well welcome to my animation lab. I have been workin with blender for almost a year now. along with a few other 3d apps. I remember when I first started it seemed like such an alien application, it wasnt like any other program I had used.

I kept hearing from old time blenderheads that you get use to it and eventually prefer its layout to others… its true. there is something about the way that blender works. it has become so predictable, that once you get the hang of it you can easily figure out its little know features and hidden buttons with ease.

anyway enough blabering. here is a short animation test I did for a rig last night.

sorry for the rapidshare link if anyone has a place to host short animations for free I would love to know.

this is the first animation test so there will be many more to come.

the softbodys on her clothes ar a bit strange I am going to parent an invisible deflection object maybe a cylinder on each leg.

here is a wireframe and a single proxy Sub-D this character is only 600 polys!! woohoo

Ok I have gotten the character all rigged nicely but now I am trying to get some animations smoothed out. basically I have a stride bone built into the armature. and have it doing two differewnt things in each type of cycle. I want the character to walk along the path and do different things.

if anyone has gotten the stride bone to work I would really apreciate any help

here is the .blend

I downloaded that when you posted at and I’m most impressed with your reverse foot rig.

%< (great for videos but some people have trouble viewing them)

Nice work with so few polys by the way.

I’ve put a reply to the stride question over at but I really have no idea how it works either (though I got some small advance with your file). In fact, the more I read the release notes and look at the sample files, the less I understand the stride bone.

I have read this page a number of times and downloaded the examples. The sample blend file “motionblender1.blend” shows the bone in use but I can’t see how this sample relates in any way to the release notes or any walk cycle. The notes say the stride bone animation curve should be the inverse of the main animation curve but that isn’t apparent in this example and the “walking” bone slides and lifts unlike a walk-cycle foot bone so I’m uncertain what it’s even demonstrating

It might have been handy if the walk cycle armature used in the sample video had been released as the sample blend file :frowning: I was hoping your question at would be answered so I might get a better grip on this too.