My animation made in blender render does not show up in cycles?

My animation I made in blender internal render how would i get that into cycles?

An animation doesn’t care what renderer you use.
You will have to ensure it uses cycles lighting and the objects use cycles materials though.

Show us an example and what do you mean by ‘does not show up’

My animation I made in the Graph Editor works in the blender render but does not in the Cycles render.

As Richard already said, the Cycles renderer requires Cycles lighting and Cycles materials. If your objects don’t have these, they won’t render.

He also asked you to show an example of what you mean when you say “it doesn’t work.” Repeating the same vague things you’ve already said doesn’t help. Confirm that you have set up cycles lighting and materials, and if it still “doesn’t work” show us screenshots or a .blend file, and explain what exactly doesn’t work and in what way it doesn’t work.

That didn’t help either, that came of as shouting to me.
Here is the blend file.


Motel Sign textured 12 (With Animation).blend (791 KB)

I’m not shouting. I am asking you to provide necessary information so we can help you, and I’m asking you not to ignore those requests if you expect help. I’m sorry if you think that comes across as shouting.

You still haven’t given an explanation of what “doesn’t work”, so I had to guess and hunt around until I found what exactly is supposed to be animated in this file. It seems to be the emission value on the Motel text. Is that right? It would have saved time and effort if you had simply answered that question to begin with.

If that is indeed what you’re looking for, the problem here is that you haven’t created proper Cycles materials yet. Cycles materials don’t work the same way as BI materials. Your Motel text will need to be given an emission shader, and you will have to keyframe its Strength value.

Thanks,How do I do that in cycles?

Set your material to use nodes, then go into the node editor and delete everything. All the nodes it has in your file are for BI. Add a material output node and an emission node, and link them up. Then just keyframe the strength value of the emission shader.

When the emission value is zero, the text will appear black, so it’s probably best to add a diffuse shader as well. Combine the two with a mix shader. Here’s an example: Motel Sign textured 12 (With Animation).blend (735 KB) This was just slapped together quickly, so it results in a darkened red (because it’s mixed half with black), but that can be adjusted via the mix node. You could also conceivably set the emission strength to 1 or whatever final strength you want to begin with, and just animate the mix node’s value between 1 and 0 to switch between the diffuse and emission shaders completely. Not how I did it here, but it’s another option.

Thanks, how do I get it to work with the Graph editor? To animate it

It is animated. Look at the file.

I key-framed and tried keyframeing the mix node,emission and different times etc. The problem is that i want it to be red at the beginning black at middle for example and than turn red. Like a neon flashing effect? How would I do that in cycles I did in blender internal using the graph editor. But I want to create that same effect in cycles and you can’t use the Graph editor in cycles you have to do the animation using the node editor. How do I do that? and how do I play the animation in Cycles? Thanks

THANKS, I think I solved this instead of going on render> Render Animation
I clicked the frames while that was playing I put it in Rendered Mode Is this the correct way to render an animation in Cycles?
Also will the animation show up if i group everything and append it in an another blend? plus make everything in cycles?

Edit: While rendering it how do i get rid of the sprinkley thingies or it called noise?

The Rendered Mode you’re referring to is just a viewport display mode. As with BI, in Cycles you need to render out an image sequence and then combine that into a video.

I don’t think that the animation will show up if you just append. Linking may allow you to also link in an animation, but keyframing emission values is simple enough that you can also just redo it in the destination file.

As for the sprinkles, that is noise, yes. You can get rid of it in a number of ways, primarily by increasing the number of samples in the render. A quick google search for something like “blender cycles reduce noise” should give you a few other tips, depending on the setup of your final scene.