My Animation Series

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Pilot episode is up on the site.

Looking for a producer to invest / fund the whole series.( 11 episodes)

I like it, good luck hey im sure you will find an investor, it was funny… just out of interest, how long did it take you, what programs did you use, how many people were involved, and what in the world happened to handy??

I used BLENDER .( of course !)
It took almost a month. I did the story, animation and editing, my friend did the character design.

Handy will appear in another episodes.

Any one can tell me how to do self distribution.
I tried to google it but got more confused.

I mean how can I earn through making it availble for web and mobile.
Arent there anyone “buying” it directly?

Hey, I like it. Very good!

That was fun ! It reminds me of those quick toons between two shows I used to listen to when I was a kid :).

Thank you.
This was my first animation in blender.

Haha that’s great - especially for your FIRST animation! Well done!

nice and cute characters.