my animation test with new

Birth of the default cube.

Card toss

This one Im going to do again with a marker head gear thing so the head gear can be put on during the animation. The tracker marker for this was to small and needs improvement.

This one I have set up to render but it takes so ling so if I have time.

I wanted to see if i could morph a fractured object. Duhh of course I can it is a mesh now. I have a blend ready to rerender the cell fracture cause I wanted to change it soon.
Thats not the thumbnail i selected.
I have more to upload but should get back to my big project. The pod is for my big project just a test render and the textures will need to be redone.
Thanks for viewing.

animated alpha stencil

very nice ! :smiley:

Thanks Tontonguimu

this first on i rendered the helmet png alpha to add shadows and feather the alpha but the images did not match up with the back ground as they did in camera view so I rendered it in one layer with no shadows. I did not want to redo the animated mask. I used voodoo camera track. Do not know why I have problems with objection rotation in Blender.

This is a clip of a work in progress Im getting tired of working on. its to test the new model and track. the model had the track to rotate when the model moved. It worked as i hoped but sometimes i need the track to move at unreal speeds to look correct with 24 fps.