my animations look bad...


Im a n00b at this animating stuff. I’ve been modelling for a while, but want to start animating. I can add bones and get things to move in pose mode no problem, its just that it looks bad. Moving an arm up and down stretches parts of the torso in “un-life-like” manners, or even pushes points inward. Trying to move and elbow makes the lower and upper portions of the arm mix together (like a bent cylinder…)

So, im wondering, is there a specific way to model a character for animation, or am I just missing something?

Thanks a lot!

yeah, there is actually, i’m not an expert either but a quite easy way to make it move more lifelike is to assign weight to the vertexes. You need to select a vertex group -> go to editbuttons, select one of the vertex groups that represent a bone (assuming it is a rigged and working model :slight_smile: and press select - and now by selecting the weight paint mode in the 3d-view, you can start painting. Paint settings are in the edit buttons window. I always mix up the way things are round, but I guess what has weight 1 will be absolutely influenced by the bone, which is red in the normal gui theme, and weight 0 will be left floating where it is, represented by blue. You can also assign vertices to multiple vertex groups, so that you can let it be much influenced by one bone, but less by the other. And finally, in this way, you can set up bones that represent the bones under the skin by giving it more weight where it is closer to the bone (the skin is loose when it is far away from the bone). That’s my best shot :smiley: good luck.

Hmmm… So I guess just play around with that till it moves right… I’ll give it a shot tomorrow :slight_smile: Thanks!

It also helps to cut extra loops at the joints so that they deform better; faces transform at their edges and not deform somewhere along their lengths.