My animations


I would like to post here some of my animations that I created while learning Blender. I have interesting approach, and would like to share it and videos created with it. I think my ideas/videos may inspire/help somebody.

Yesterday I tried to post new thread but today did not find it on the forum.
I guess that the reason is that I embedded videos in my post which is probably not allowed for new members (the FAQ says that URLs are not allowed, not sure if the same rule works with youtube videos).

The FAQ recommends to say some useful ideas in the Forum Gallery, but
regarding Blender I am interested only in animation - still images don’t inspire me.
I tried to find something to answer regarding animation, but everything I could answer is already answered.

So, can anybody suggest what to do next to be able to share my approach and my animations? At the moment I have only 2 animations to show, ~1minute each.

Thanks in anvance,

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Your post is here. Typically it takes less than 24 hours for a post in the moderation queue to be approved. Please have patience with our moderation team.

Regardless, the advice in the FAQ still holds. The idea is to be a participant in our community. If you can’t find anything to post about, then you’re not trying hard enough. :wink: