my anime game. hot angel koneko

I am making a game.
It will be about a cybernetic human that was made in the bible era. They and 5 (undecided) other “robots” have the power to “resatrt the earth”. No not like that!!! It is called carbon reinitalizeation program. They were put to sleep. a sientist discoverd her and was owned by a “good disguied” company. It is a arms company called vortex indutries. A boy discovers her (about my age). Hehehe. And she is completely loyal to him. kind of like steel angel kurumi to nakahito. She scans wepons mostly energy wepons with her molecular deconstructor scaner. She has a cat figure. Wears a maid dress. They live on a city island that I made up in japan.she runs and jumps off walls (when i was young i used my fingers act like my fingers were poeple and make them run on walls so I didnt get the idea form some one else). She tries to protect him. The robots want to capture her to start the program. If she doesnt she will be distroyed. She wont go to they’re side because the boy konnichi will be killed. And the evil company wants to get her because she is a wepon.
You can draw wepones out on people. If you do people probly will call the police. ether do good or bad. it will affect the rage. which affect the outcome. she will eather glow and have wings or have a dark auora and bat wings

the game hot metel angel, koneko (kone means kitten)

Also some funny engrish on items and signs. like poo poo drink.

i will post it on the site

Wow, it sounds pretty cool! Now just make sure you finish it… :wink:

Good luck! And btw, which site???

ehhhh… this site. i will make a demo . myfriend will make music

I always thought the Japanese word for kitten is “neko”, not “kone”.
But I’m no native speaker, so I won’t dare to argue.

It’s “neko” not “kone”.


no. kone means kitten. neko means cat. just like english
im learning
wait lemme check…
yeah kone. alot of poeple dont know that but she isnt a kitten but she is “kittenish” muhhahahahahaa

Okay, now I looked it up in my dictionary:

“neko” means cat.
“koneko” means kitten (literally small cat or child cat depending on what Kanji you use).
“kone” has no meaning except the abbreviation for connection when written in Katakana.

Since you call your character koneko (kitten) I’d say everything is fine. :smiley:

… ok so what do you think about the game

Your description sounds good but if I’ll like the game will depend on what you make of it. When you have something to show I’ll definitely try it. Until then there is not much to judge. 8)

i plan on making a scene where the person has to beat up some otaku

Not sure about ‘restarting the earth’… but I’m sure none of the scientists havea clue either because they’ll be dead…

maybe you could have an emotional side plot which somebody (who loves or doesn’t love her) tries to convince her that restarting the earth is a good thing… and she gets all ****ed up like Sethiroth does…

all I had to say in the first place ;> ^o^ =)----> 8F

erm… get someone to sketch out art work for the game… then we can see the mood of the game and get more character traits… this girl and boy are gonna be special I guess… maybe we’ll only see a glimpse of their love…