my anime-like mech

well, after a couple weeks of modeling, headaches, and such things…im done with the project. i know it doesnt look to finished, but this has been more of a learning project than anything, and i have learned plenty. so i hope you like.

here’s the images:

first off here’s the first render without beveling:

and then the same with beveling

and now some other views with beveling

im not good at textures, hence the lack thereof.

Did you use bevel or the edge sharpness? Cause edge sharpness (shift+e) would hel[p some of thoughs rough spots where it should be smooth.

that would require subsurfing, wouln’it?

well, i dunno what he’s talkin about…all i know is that i am not using sub surf, hence the beveling(i like the look)

Yes Sutabi is talking about pressing Shift + E to “crease” the edges when a mesh is subsurfed. Useful technique in some places but not others. Not sure if it could be applied well to this mesh.

I really like the modelling “ilk” of it. The things got a cheeky kind of personality about it. Something about the way it’s standing. The thin thigh leg bits give it a kind of vulnerable look, but since its a Jap mech thingy, it could be harbouring anything.

It looks good overall, but some things are strange. The side view looks like your mech is gonna fall. His feets does not look like they are under the center of gravity of your mech.

His legs looks really thin and fragile.

But I’m sure that with good texturing and animation, it will be a lot more believable :slight_smile:

hey thanks for the crits…and i plan on texturizing it sometime soon, does anyone hacve any ideas for possible textures ?