My Anniversary!

Hey blenderheads! Today is my 1 year anniversary of being a member of Elysiun!!

So on that note, this is a big thanks to Timothy, (aka Kib_Tph), for starting Elysiun when all the NAN stuff hit the fan, and to Ton for giving me the best damn little program in the world!!


Timothy had Elysiun for about half a year til a year before NaN collapsed.
Nobody saw how cool it was until they needed it.

Happy anniversary :slight_smile:


Congrats! Hmm… gotta check out mine…

Happy Elysiun-Day :slight_smile:

My E-Day is 17 Oct 2001


Congrat BgDM !!

My day will be the 15th at saturday :smiley: !!

are you sure aBOOT that? :slight_smile:


are you sure aBOOT that? :slight_smile:


directly from the memberlist

10 theeth Montreal, Canada 17 Oct 2001 2506

maybe with the timezone conversion, it changes dates…


Hey, we don’t say “aboot” here in Canada. We say aboot, eh? :wink:


Cool! I wish you an Happy Day!

mine is in april I think…around the 20 if I remember correctly…well it was a few week after the blendermania close his door…I remember I was like: OMG where will I show my blender art??? then I found elysiun and I told to myself…WHAT WAS I DOING ON BLENDERMANIA!!! lol

so tx alot kib!

Yay!!! my anniversary is today! 1 year here and I’m already a monkey.

hmmm… that could mean that I just talk too much. :wink:

OK… it seems I’ve missed my first anniversary by several months. I’ll wait for october 14 when I’ll have my second instead!

EDIT: How embarrasing… I just realised that the join-dates are next to the avatar… :expressionless: I was looking in my profile first…

YAY !!

today is my one year anniversary here att Elysiun !!! :stuck_out_tongue:



Number of people joined on the 14th of March 2002: 32

Number of people joined on that date with postcount > 100: 18

makes you think doesn’t it? (wel…actually it doesn’t, jus trying to make conversation)



Happy aniversary mate!!! I guess it wont be long and i’ll be celebrating my one year here as well!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Where’s da party?

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