My apartment


I needed some new furniture, so I decided to model my entire apartment in Blender. I had never done 3D modeling before, so bare with me. I bought the wireframes for the speakers, the stereo and the iPad and MacBook but did the materials myself. As for the rest of the apartment and all the furniture, that was all done by myself from scratch. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


For well done for a first time!

the lighting looks good, but i find it weird that the TV is not “centered” because of the upper shelf unit on the left. And is that an xbox or playstation controller? where’s the console? :smiley:

thank you :slight_smile: it was a lot of fun, and I hope to do more with Blender in the future.

I absolutely love this piece of furniture, and I don’t mind the tv not being centered. It’s not that terrible, really :wink:

It’s an XBox controller. And here’s the XBox :wink:

Here are some more renders. I couldn’t insert them the first time.

cool renders, do some post effects for better results!!!

Well done for a beginner, would you like to share you’re render settings. I’m surprised by the low noise in such a dark room.