My Appartment

I just began with blender again after 2.40 came out, ive had some experience with Maya but thats no good for me anymore since i jumped over to Debian AMD64.

So i got this appartment, right.

I always wanted to model it and this is a perfect opportunity.

The first thing i did was to make a wireframe of the outlines of my appartments.
I then started with my kitchenbench.

I have progressed further then this but this is the only picture i had online for the moment, and the project isnt on this pc.
I will upload the newest progress, asap.

but what i need is two things, a way to messure the dimentions of my appartments, in blender that is.

And a decent UV tutorial and texture tutorial.

The latter part i should be able to find myself but the first is a little enigmatic.

Critics, Hints, Tips, drunken ramblings are all welcome

oh, hi btw

Here, im finnished with my kitchenbench.

im going to look into the uv and texture part to later and will begin a little more complex furniture.

first of all it’s looking good.
second: if you what your textures to look realistic you should read the articles on this website: read the, Texturing for Dummies PDF it has alot of wonderfull insight on texturing.
also UV mapping a tutorial cn be found at but it is missing somethings like how to map the texture to UV and soforth.
I look forwar to seeing the compleeted project.

Looks good so far. As for measuring the pieces in Blender, go to the buttons window and the editing section (F9) and the Mesh Tools 1 tab (far right) and click “Edge Length”. You have to convert the Blender units to whatever system you’re using (Imperial or Metric, Metric being far easier) and vice versa.