My apples(updated 2)

I had worked with these apples before but I changed the scene

What I want is crits about the textures (table,wall,apple skin) and lighting(I used 3 area lights with yellow,white,blue) .

I want to achieve photorealism.


Cool apples man. The apple Texture could be random…instead of having them the same, it would make it look more natural, the wood table texture is a bit to smooth and doesnt look real. Other then that the lighting is good :slight_smile:

nice apples. They could use diffrent textures tho. I got a good apple texture right here:


I want to achieve photorealism.

Well first you will need a unique texture
for each apple.

Update 1

modified the material for some apples

please post some c&cs


here you have cool texture of apple (I it used in my one apples scene)

make some different apples, green, red(with procedural texture blend with red color) etc.

Update 2

Added green apple skin shader to some apples

Please post your C&Cs


gr8 work man…modelled an apple myself based on a tutorial but want to know how u arranged the heap and then applied different textures to the apples.

There we go :smiley: now i’d eat them.

The two closest apples still have the same texture, you should fix that.

Can you post a larger render? 320*240 is awfully small to judge something by.

As it is now it takes 15 minutes to render…

Maybe run it overnight? shrug