My armature thinks it's not an armature.

So I’ve just set up an armature ready to go, I shift over to start weight-painting the mesh I want to attach it to and it refuses to weight-paint. It goes into weight-paint mode, but it won’t put any color on, everything just stays blue. I figure, well maybe I need to put the armature modifier onto my mesh before I weight-paint it, so I go back and put an armature modifier on, but when I try to fill in the “Ob:” setting, I put in the name of the armature (I checked it several times and even tried changing the name of the armature) it gives me the message “Armature deform object must be an armature.” What’s going on here? What could it possibly think it is if not an armature?

Screen caps:

That’s odd… Would you mind posting the .blend?

Here’s the .blend.


manearmature.blend (451 KB)

It worked fine for me (weight painting, deformation) when I entered the armature name mane.001 into the Ob: box, using Blender 2.49 as you are. Is that what you typed?

Oh, huh, I guess not, it must have renamed itself, I don’t always notice when it adds numbers that I didn’t tell it to. One of the shortcomings of dyslexia, unfortunately.

So I guess it works for you now?

Btw, in case you didn’t know the exact name of a selected object is displayed in the lower left corner of the 3d viewport.