My attempt at a Dragon (WIP)

(rwv01) #1

This dragon is my first organic model.
It’s only about half done but I’d like to get
your ideas about the body plan.
I’ve added some temporary mats. and texs.
to give the general idea.

(Pooba) #2

Hey, that’s pretty good!


(Sinistar) #3

I like the body of the dragon and the texture you use for the head but I think you can adjust a little the shape of the head…anyway, it is a good work!

(blengine) #4

its looking great! nice textures and the body looks good too. first organic model? wow :o

(rwv01) #5

Actually, the head shot here is an older version of the one on the body
which has some adjustments to the lower jaw and nostral and integration of the diffrent parts.

But what did you have in mind?

(Sinistar) #6

But what did you have in mind?

When I say that you can adjust the shape of the head it was because I think that the snout of the dragon is too much tapered (long and narrow)…however, i repeat, it is a very good work, expecially if it is your first organic model

(rwv01) #7

Shouldn’t be hard to fix that.


Another thing I’d like to know is should I do a single face membrane for the wings or should I double it up in order to get the face normals and textures right?

(pofo) #8

If you are going to make them transparent, definitely make them single face. I’d make them single anyway, but that’s just cause I’m lazy. I’d probably do something about the edge though so it wouldn’t look sharp.

Very good model :slight_smile:

  1. pofo

(rwv01) #9

I think they’er gonna be semi transparent… just a tad.