My attempt at making a song

I made my first song, it’s at this webpage:

What do you think?

Personally, I don’t think it’s very good, but that’s for you to decide.

It’s not bad, but do you really want my critics? I might be too harsh (not saying it’s bad, it’s something else)

was this made in garage band? has potential, but definitely is missing something.

Crits would be good.

I made this in OpenMPT.

And keep in mind that this is my first attempt at a full song. I know it’s not really good, so crits would be very helpful.

Here is the original file:


I just think my problem is that I can’t make a good tune by myself.

Why do people put their files in places like savefile.

Whoever answeres this question with an answer that I’m pleased with will be granted with the gift(and curse) of eternal life.

I don’t have a very good host, but SaveFile is actually an ok host.

I could host things with my DSL, but that would be harder.

I could pay for a host too, but I want this to be free.

Here is the file hosted at a better host:

It seems you’re using one of the standard GM.DLS guitar samples. Individual note guitar samples, and much less those you’re using, are not recommended for music tracking. You’re better off using wav samples from a good sound site.

The tune is fine as far as I could tell, but the instruments/samples could definately be improved.
The main guitar seemed like it was really scratchy (I’m not very musically inclined, so I’m not quite sure how to word this) and “rough”. it sounded maybe like pretty low quality compression (maybe it was).

I know I was using GM.DLS samples, but they sounded much better with the distortion effects.

By the way, the XM only sounds right in OpenMPT in my experience. The effects don’t work in other programs.