My auger bit.. soft body don't work properly, things fall through

I created this auger blade… and whenever I put in a soft body, it falls right through bottom, or it doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried different settings with collision bounds and nothing is working. The cubes also fall thought sometimes but not so bad, but they do show through a lot.

The first one is the one with the soft body, and the 2nd one is just a bunch of cubes that fall through sometimes. How do I set it up so the soft body works?

The 3rd attachment is just a random blob that works how the other one should work and that’s with no collision bounds on.

I’d also like to be able to use it to deform things and break things apart, is there anyway to set that up?
Thanks for any help!

screw bit test soft body.blend (651 KB)
screw bit test 2.blend (962 KB)
soft body blob.blend (476 KB)