My Avatar - MAIKA

I got a question from another user regarding my avatar which isn’t finished (a WIP) so I’m posting it here. She has procedural textures.



Beautiful model, I liked the expressive look. I’ll use the pictures as a reference for my 3D model. One question: Where she has procedural textures? Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Her hair and body are procedural and her face is just vertex painting.

Good tip, to use vertex paint to the shadow on the eyelids and mouth. The result was better than using image texture.

The vertex paint is just temporary though, It only looks good depending on the model’s topology.

You wrote You had a question - so what is it?

I sent an question earlier in private message, asking if Maika had modeled his avatar and could put it at a higher resolution.

Ah, I misunderstood Maika. I thought he/she? meant “I['ve] got a question[…]”. Thanks for clearing that up.