My B"day Is Today!

yeah!my birthday is finally here after a year of wating…got a wacom…psp…and some games!I love this forum…LOL

Yay! Happy birthday:D
I didn’t have any cakes lying around, so I nicked one of Google and GIMPed it up so it has your name on it:

Happy birthday!

Now update your vector thread. :ba:


grats dude

animatinator:haha getting better i see…thanks
alden:Thanks…i was planning to start a new vector thread…what do you think…that one didnt work out so well.LOL.

So how old are you now?

yeah, how old?
and crats, and ooh what wacom? :smiley:

i hate to admit this but i actually turned 48 today.
as for the wacom i got a wacom intous3!:smiley:
check it out:

Happy 1yearsoonertodeath day!

Holy crap, you’re 48?!

I’m surprised too. You certainly don’t act your age. But then again… age is just a number right?

haha…i was kidding…i am 14 years young, and if you guys think you’re more superior than me…i’ll be laughing when u rot in the ground…:ba:

Happy birthday man.

My b-day is in 15 days. I’ll be hitting the bigh “1” “8” !!!

ahh you lucky basta! :ba:
im still behind a graphire 4 and it isnt eaven a year old. :frowning:
oh well, id love to use the air brush thingie!