My b day

I turned 13 today. I’m a teenager!

Happy birthday. Mines in 1 week and 1 day: New Years!

Happy birthday!:slight_smile:
Welcome to the horrible world of being a teenager:D

Yes. Once you become one you wish you hadn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

and driving isn’t as fun as people pretend it is, so don’t be looking forward to anything exciting in your teen years

Yep your one step closer to getting a job and having to work to live. muhhaaaa

Happy Birthday.

OMG double presents.

Merry M3tamas

Haha ya, but usually you get combination gifts that are about as big as a normal one. =/

My birthday’s on the 30th, I’m going to be 18. It’s no good in America, because now I have to be a legal adult, but the only new things I can do is buying cigarettes and porn, neither of which I need. :frowning:

Happy birthday M3ta!

Happy Birthday + a Merry Christmas!