My baked bump map always appear messed up


I am trying to bake the bump map of my object but whatever i do it always appears messed up, I did the UV project correctly, made 4k, 8k texture, still not looking as the original, i tried some experiences about over scaling once face and bake, result was better but not looking as original, it’s like if the texture has to be in 20K to be able to bake the noise bump in precision.
I spent 3 entire days at trying to fix the solution, I am really done, I am completly wasting my time on it then I just want to export my textures and that it works.

The original look

The result with 4k baked texture

The actual UV projection

well the only way to make it work is to have enough texture density.
As you guess one way to have these very fine pattern is to use a very big image, but fortunately you can do differently.

I think in your UV map you have a lot of wasted space. You can probably get more details by manually packing UV better, or use addons for that :

But as your texture is all about fine details, even if that would be better , it may not be sufficient.

Another way is to use tiling textures. you create a base pattern on a 1k/2k map and repeat that map all over.
You’ll probably need a different UV map then, because at each UV island you’ll get a seam in texturing.

Yes, it’s not enough, if I bake a 12k texture or more, would it be a thing or this is not professional at all to do this ?

So it’s working, it was a problem of UV scale and texture seize, I did over scale the entire UV mapping, it sounds weird and unprofessional but the result is working.
But my uv projection looks like this

It’s working because it’s just a noise texture but if I had more complexe and many other textures I bet it wouldn’t have been working, idk

I depend on the end goal …

A big image takes some memory. With a 12k image I think it will use 320Mb of memory (Ram or Vram depending on the case) …
1k : 4Mb, 2k : 16 , 4k : 64Mb , 8k : 256Mb …
A common mistake is like : my 4k png is only 2mb, how it can take 64 in ram ?
That’s because png is compressed , but the software need to store every value of every pixels. So the file size is irrelevant, the pixel dimension matters.

So let’s say your object is used for a product rendering, then it’s probably fine to use a 12k image.
You want the best quality that your hardware will allow. And you only have that object to render.
A 12k image for normal map, you may have similar maps for color, roughness … in that case it’s
1280Mb of texture for that object.

If it’s used in a film or a video game, then you guess why it’s problematic, because you need to account for other object’s textures too, and geometry , lights , everything needs to fit in memory for rendering.

And video games got also more technical constraints because they need to run on a specific hardware, stay real time etc…

So really, it depends on the case and what the software/hardware will allow you to do , so you can deliver a good product on time.

Yes it’s true, and anyway i can’t even bake super high res textures without the software crashes, so.

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Yes that’s better !
You can scale the UVs, or scale the texture in the shading !

And indeed, at some point you could have needed different UV set to have broader variations , or to bake color but to use some titled texture for finer details !

It’s working because it’s a noise texture, but is it really a thing to do what I did ? I think i’m gonna stick on it, it’s “working” after all xD

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In that case yes, if you need small details like that it’s really tricky to make them fit in a big texture.

And you can mix that with other techniques to get the best of both worlds.

This is a complex example, but to get to that level of detail I used a lot of titleable textures like you did.
I’ve got 3 512x512 texture like that, and the others don’t go beyond 1024px

And I can probably reduce that given what we see in the end result, but well, that works for what I need. If that was for a videogame I’d be probably asked to do that differently.

Hope that helps !