My Band's Latest and Greatest

Title: Freeform Jazz to a Festival Crowd
Artist: Mr. Blackwell and the Petty Thieves
Album: Scratchwork and Ditties:D

A few weeks back I posted our remake of “Folsom Prison Blues”. Now it’s time for something original, or…sorta. It’s our take on the ultra-classic 12-Bar Blues. Everyone’s done it, so why not us?

Also, listen to the drums (and the drum break). That kid is 11. ELEVEN!!!:eek:

Elliot blows my mind…he’s a phenom.

Well thanks for the listen. Now you can totally bash us for how bad we suck and how crappy our recording is.:smiley:

Dang. That kids knows his stuff! haha, I dug your last post, and I love this one too. Strong music defies crappy recording :smiley:

Heh, well. We’re total ams at recording, but it’s good for preliminary work. We have a pro that will record us when we’re ready to do some serious work, so no worries. Thanks for the encouragement!

Ha, I know the feeling, I’m in a similar situation :slight_smile: Best of luck to yall!

No bash - sounds good!! Reminds me of early Yardbirds, the whole early British Blues era. Guess maybe it was the decay on the leads’ sustain and the use of the wah pedal.

Good job, one for the bag of tricks :slight_smile:

He’s one of the best drummers I had ever heard. Imagine him when he’s older. He’s gotta rule the world in 10 years :smiley:
Really, the recording seems perfect, 'cept for the classical MP3 compression crap… or just my laptop speakers.
I think you’re one of the best modern bands I ever listened to. Nothing seems to be out of tune…
Everyone has done it? I don’t think Britney Spears has done it…

Ah but by that I meant “Anyone who matters”. You know what I mean mate?

Also, Elliot is phenomenal. He doesn’t even have the slightest clue how good he is…

“I just feel…good…when I play drums. So I do. That’s it I guess”:rolleyes: