My BattleTech Model

(Cujo31) #1

Greetings all!

It has been a VERY long time since I have posted anything on the Blender forums… and no doubt some of you have wondered where the heck I’ve been. Life is just kinda that way sometimes. :smiley:

Anyway, recently I have started getting involved with the game Mechwarrior: Dark Age. It is miniature game that I really like and it has prompted me to go back and look through my old battletech items for something cool to model… I chose the Madcat :smiley:

Have a look below and let me know what you think!
(the image is rather large so I will just include a link)



once lost…now found

(BgDM) #2

Nice modelling & texturing. Scale seems off compared to the Terragen background IMO. Lighting needs a little work as well.

Other than that, this rocks.


(bmax) #3

i dont like mechs, but this model’s cool! :smiley:

(S68) #4


Mecha looks good, stylish and detailed, nice textures. Lightning is good too

Background is less good, I’m not sure it’s a sscaling problem, it is just a different rendering engine, and you can tell this…


(Cujo31) #5

Hey stefano and everyone…

thanks for comments…

I was pretty happy with the overall model of the mech, but in trying to use Terragen to make a decent background, well I nearly pulled my hair out trying to get something remotely in scale and correct angle…

I still don’t think I got it right…but the is by far the best I had so far…

STEFANO: you gotta tell me about this water you have been doing…have missed your posts and would love to see them… always looking for ideas to complete my Edmund Fitzgerald animation… :slight_smile:


(S68) #6


I didn’t know I was working on water…


(Cujo31) #7

Nevermind…wrong person…

Whatya expect…LOL… I have been away far too long…

(theeth) #8

Hey Cujo, where have you been!?

I love the mech, it’s very “mechy”. Are you planning on making a walk cycle for this baby?

PS: Do you still show the kids some blendering in class?

(CurtisS) #9

Hey Cujo!
Put wheels on that baby and enter him in the next F1 Challenge! :smiley:

Glad to see you are still Blending, man!

(pofo) #10

Great job on this one :slight_smile:
I think the relevant stuff has been said.
Maybe take away a few rockets to make it seem like it’s in action.

So there will be a next one? Yay!

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