My beautiful face!

Well… maybe not beautiful. But I am happy with the model, after two weeks of trying (ok, so I suck at this), I have something I feel I can now go onto develop.
Any critique is welcome, however, I am most interested in what is causing the jagged line on the edges over my eyebrow and the side of my nose. Is this the result of a poor mesh?
Thanks for any help.

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have you tried recalculating the normals on your mesh? go into edit mode, select all the verticies, and press ctrl+n.

OMG, you’ve been blendering for 2 years and didn’t knew how to remove those artifacts.

I think the face is prett good you could try to connect the whole nose to rhe face and give the nostrils some depth. Also try to use the mirror modifier.

Scabootssca, why should this get locked? Cause it looks like he’s not seriuos?

thanks Frodo for the help. Worked perfectly, i don’t quite get what scabootssca means either.
Thanks for the help too Robin, i’m going to go onto making the nose today.

no prob. btw, i think hes saying you’re so ugly they should close this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Theoretically, this thread should be locked because there’s an exact copy of it further down the page. Double posting is bad for your health.

As you can see i’m having some real trouble in the nose area. Does anyone have some advice how to get my head around modelling that bit. Am I even on the right track? It’s the bulb at the bottom, and the nostrils, that are confusing me.

Try adding loop cuts, one at a time, to get verts in place that you can define the area with. If you haven’y yet, check out the tutorial Adrianna video, it is a very good place to see some methods of defining the face.
I’m still having problems of my own, but you’ll get there if you keep trying. Don’t be afraid to start over if you have to - I’m currently reworking my mesh a little at a time, and learning more because of it.
Keep blending!!

Thanks craig for the advice. I watched the Adrianna tutorial, and I must say it was excellent. I’ve just used the tips in that to redo my nose.

I think it’s starting to look a lot better, especially in profile. I’ll post more angles if people think that would help them to help me. Thanks guys.

ur update is definitely a lot better than your first post… u’ve recalculated the normals, and the nose is more defined now…

wow! That looks great so far! I think the eyes are a bit weird, like too long… Easy to fix that though.

Sorry for posting this here, but it seems most people here know what “Normals” are…

Well what are they?]


Of course there are other explanation to the usefulness of normals, mostly when you smooth object… But I am not a mathemagician :smiley:

Should give you a basic idea of what surface normals are

#they said there would be no math…#
anonymous student

Heh, been a long while since an update. But I recently dug up the old file of my face and made a real go of finishing it with a project for it in mind. So here is where i’ve got to in the last week. I think it’s my best face yet, and has a real resemblance to me (well as far as you can get without hair, textures, etc.)
Let me know what you think. All of you here, especially those who have directly commented on my work, but those who have also just displayed there work here, have been incredibly helpful and inspirational, especially when i’ve felt i’m too unskilled to reach the level i aspire to. Nonetheless, all comments welcome. And I can post more pictures if requested.

So at the end of today this is how far i’ve got. Pleased with how it’s going, hope to pick up progress soon so I can try my hand at texturing and all that biz. I know in this one I look a bit like a skinhead punk ready to come smash your face in. But I promise, with hair (and eyes) i’m a lot more friendly looking. :slight_smile:
Next update I will post wireframes and different angles for people to comment on. Cya.

Hey, you’re using the mirror modifier and subsurf, right? Cause if you are, try moving the mirror modifier in BEFORE subsurf, and turn on clipping.

In Edit mode, select all vertex and press Control+N

Lookin pretty good! The arms look a little strange though.

I suggest you view the Adrianna head (but there is also a free video of ear and eyes) made by organic modeller Johnatan Williamson (you’ll find him on this forum by the name: mr_bomb).
Those video’s are awsome and you certainly learn a lot from it.

You’ll find those: