My Bedroom

Well, I was looking back on this scene I made in Blender (duh) of my room about four years ago and it was total crap.

So, I decided to redo the entire thing, so starting from scratch I began to model out my room.

It’s not even 10% complete, and this is just a small part of it, but feel I need some opinions…

Sorry if it’s confusing, my furniture is arranged very oddly and before someone asks what’s up with the lamp, it’s supposed to look like a spine. (Yes, I have a spine lamp in real life, heh)

Hmm…yes,but I doubt that you have a black room? Or do you ?

Yeah, it’s a bit dark and therefore difficult to critisize, it would also be beneficial to show a variety of views.

And is that a window or a painting on the wall?

The models look ok to me, but until you improve the lighting it will be difficult to offer more suggestions. If that is a window above the bed, you should create a spot light or area lamp shining through, and add a lamp in your spine lamp. Make sure you lighten up the rest of the room as well though.

A little unusual for a room, but then again not all rooms are normal :-?

Wiggie: That is a window on the wall, just looks kinda dark because it was a cloudy day when I took the picture out my window. That is actually what you see if you look out that window at my house.

md01: Yes, my room is black in real life.

I know my room is really unusual, heh, but I like the dark and creepy stuff and although it’s EXTREMELY messy and cluttered right now, my room normally fits that discription perfectly…

Here’s my room from almost the same view in real life, although, considering how messy it is right now, this is really embarassing to show off… but I kind of have to, so you’ll all know what I’m trying to model, just ignore the recliner on the bed and blanket things coverint the window:

:o Clean your room, man!

I see is on your computer. :slight_smile:

hehe, I like your room! It’s almost like mine, but my wallpaper is lighter :wink:

My room doesn’t look like it: my girlfriend would kill me if it did.
It doesn’t either look like our daughter’s bedroom (I’d kill her if it did).
Just joking, of course.

I think you have much to do to improve the light setting. perhaps give a go to a Radiosity pass, or turn on AO to get softer indoor lighting.

Some light should come, also, from the windows. For the window issue, perhaps could you try to use some Emit for its material, but I’m not sure of the outcome.

In a general way, your textures need more work but it’s hard to figure out where to start! :wink: Perhaps taking some shots from the real objects and mapping the photos on your models could be a good start, unless yoiu’d like the more procedural as you can, of course.

Hope this helps