my best 3d glasses yet (120 faces)

with 3d glasses, based on
Link to PNG almost 1 MB, but JPG did not work at all

I think it’s better than my previous attempt: the camera is converging 1 degree in each side.
That’s better than just //


where can I get some 3D glasses? I never know where to look.

book stores. thry to fins a childrens book with 3d glasses.

however i will try to get Blenderman magazine to add some 3d glasses into the first edition. (will try that is)



is it possible to get a red green version, the red-blue version works but works poorly on my red-green 3d glasses.

the standard way to do 3d is to do red-blue/green

this way the image works with both red-blue and red-grean glasses, it is also slightly watchable without any glasses at all, because a certain amount of colour information is kept.



I tell you what: I tried to decompose left-red left-blue right-green, and i’t’s a terrible mess (doesn’t work).
What works great w/ my glasses (red / blue) is: left red, right-green, right-blue.

Here are the pix left and right., I’d love to see a different decomposition that works better.

Please give it a shot :

post your result as PNG please: jpg after jpg is too much degradation!!!


oh sorry, hard to understand my last post.

basicly there are two main types of three-dee glasses.

left - right

red - green
red - blue

so if you make an image with the left eye as red, and the right eye as green and blue colour chanels then it should work on most three-dee glasses.

so yeah your second attempt was correct.


I believe that there is another type of 3d glasses where the light for one eye is vertically polarised and the light for the other eye is horizontally polarised.

There are several different color combinations, most commom are:

red/green or red/blue filters are good if original pickture is black&white
(They can be found with 3D comic books, or in tv print magazines whenever there is a red/green 3D movie coming)

red/cyan or yellow/blue ones are good for colored original pictures.

German website where you can order cheap cardboard filter goggles:

well i see that you all use like those “paper” 3D glasses right? ok well but there are also those 3D-glasses whitch go between PC and PC monitor :slight_smile: of course the cost more but i think the result is better a bit :slight_smile: or am i wrong? Never tryed the “paper” ones :expressionless:

or did I understand something wrong?

HI all:

My understanding of 3D electronic glasses is as follows:
your monitor and your glasses work in synch. When the left image is displayed, your right eye can’t see, and vice-versa. So yes, it’s based on polarisation, but only in-as-much as LCD display are based on polarization: it’s localized to the glasses, when one eye blacks out the image, while the other can see through. Anyway, I have never tried, so I do’nt really know.

Along the same line, bloody-orc, I guess that the paper ones can’t be the best, but frankly, I liked this last one very much (in full screen, without anything, I find the result great, sorry I’m self-flattering :expressionless: )… The render took 2 nights (one night each eye). I tried w/ a HRI and that was plain odd (not bad, but the colors were just strange on the “metal”).

Alltaken: Sorry I mis-understood you. Mind you, I still invite you to decompose the 2 pix I posted above 120left and 120right, to your liking.

Weldertier: thanks for the info (zachboy82 will have a good answer between yours and the others).

OK, it’s not exactly great art, but much fun. That’s all.



or you can stare into a blue light in one eye and a red one in the other eye and that seems to work to some extent.

as you can tell, i was very bored that night.