My Best Head

This is test model I did of a sketch I have. I think I finally have head modeling down. I just need to work on the ears.

Please tell me what I need to work on.


that looks great. i like the creasing on the lips and the cheekbone. good luck with the ears. i always hate doing the ears.

i love it. going to animate him?

Look i have been ripping on projects all day.
And you win the most used CG head ever

Love ever more:Fatman :<

wow, nice lines and great expression. hopefully this is a WIP?

love the nose, eyes, brow ridge. i think the line formed between the two lips is a little too straight. if you examine a real pair of lips the negative space between them in the rest position is more like a relaxed ‘M’ shape.

also, i think the line that digs in under the bags of the eyes is too deep and straight.

did you model this expression into the mesh or is this an rvk? if modeled you should probably delete the half with the arched eyebrow and try to redo with rvk if you want to animate.

there is also some wierd deformation around his left eye. could you post a screen capture showing wire?

As a fellow blenderer struggling with head modeling, I salute you on a job well-done! :smiley: