My Best Interior Render...That I Totally Forgot About

This project predates Bunker House by around 6 weeks. Guess I forgot about it due to all the crazy hoops I jumped through trying to get Bunker House rendered.

From what I recall, this took me an afternoon to make and a few hours to render (still on my then-5-year-old laptop with 4Gb RAM and a 940Mx.) All the furniture and assets I used are Cc0, some sourced from Sketchfab, others from Poly Haven, and some I made myself. The rug was textured using a William Morris print I downloaded from Rawpixel (Will Morris’s designs are Cc0.)

The exterior is a flat plane textured with an alternate version of my first ever landscape render. :joy:

When I “rediscovered” the render yesterday, I tried my hand at some post-processing using my phone. Here’s the result:

Edit: Here’s a few things I’ve noticed could be improved:

  1. I used a Bevel modifier to smooth out the room, but had it set too small. The corners of the doorways still look way too sharp to be real.

  2. The scene is very dark. Part of it has to do with the room’s textures–I really liked the dark concrete/stone texture I used on the walls, but it might’ve been better to use it for a daytime render instead of an evening one.

  3. Overall, the scene is pretty pointless and bare. The focus is on a table with a cactus in a very orange pot, and decoration-wise there’s not much else. Looks like the home of a dude with no friends.


Instead of a plane with your Image I would use an HDRI. In the center of your render is the view outside. This creates a connection between the inside and the outside. But there is no tension built up here. Because no external environment exists and can interact with the light inside.

That’s why it’s better to use an HDRI. There is also the possibility to set a sun. Set the time, etc.

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Thanks for the advice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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