My best render (p.3,check An update after a long time)


Well it is based on apples again … Anyway here is my new best render:

Please post your comments and critics

The apple shape is perfect. They kind of look like there very soft and about to go off…

Also the spooky crazy thing I noticed is that all the apples look the same :o

This isnt to big a problem but it would be nice to have a diffrent look of apple instead of the same apple over and over again.

(I think I just did what your apples are doing repeating) :wink:

Brilliant Render. :smiley:

Not bad. A couple of apples on the right seem to be intersecting. Also, the apples are all exactly the same - even just move the texture around each apple so they look different. Make a better background. It looks too false and not where you’d usually find a bunch of apples. Perhaps make a fruit basket in a kitchen.

If your intent was to focus on the apples, it’s better to make a blank background like the studio style background than have an unrealistic one because it detracts from the quality of the apples. A lot of the time apples are photographed on tables with cloth draped over them. Since cloth can be tricky, the studio look might be better.

Possibly soften the shadow too by using buffered lights or area lights.

Pretty good though - the apples look realistic and they have a fuzzy look to them that gives the sense of apple skin.

Those are some really nice apples.

I don’t know how you did the textures… If they’re mathematical it might be nice to somehow vary them across the apples a bit. If they’re not mathematical you could fudge the textures (if it’s seamless) using an empty and moving the texture coordinates according to the empty’s position.

As far as suggestions go, I’d make the specularity hardness higher. Apples tend to have slightly more visible speculartiy flecks. I’d even vary the spec with a random texture if I could.

But I’d like to see your next iteration!

Thanks for the replies guys.I changed some apples.However i don’t know what to do with background.Please post ideas for the background
And also post pictures if possible(for the background) .

It’d be neat if you used an area light to give your apples softened shadows, then make the background a neverending white. Thats my 2 centsworth…

im no expert… but to me… compared to the sharpness of the background. .the apples to me seem a tad… blured… out of focus… and…“burnt”… a surrealistic tone that is throwing me off.

a good addition though might be some half apples and some slices on a plate?

Here’s a blend file that gives a sort of studio feel. It has a plane for the ground which renders shadows only and there is a world gradient in the background. That gives you the sort of continuous backdrop that you get in studios.

You can adjust the ground shadow intensity by adjusting the alpha of the ground plane. I think the reason I do this is because other lamps don’t affect the intensity of the shadows unless they cast shadows. I can’t remember. It’s set at 0.6 alpha so just change that to increase/decrease the shadow on the ground.

There is an area light but you will need to increase the samples a bit to get rid of the grain. 10 samples does the trick but it takes a while to render.

4 samples:

10 samples:

If you use them right, buffered shadows can give you a nice soft shadow effect but unfortunately they don’t work with this technique for getting the continuous gradient as they highlight the edges of the plane. Anyway, you’d have to do a lot of messing about to get buffered shadows to look as good as ray shadows.

Here is the blend file. Just replace the monkey with the apples, adjust the camera and maybe lights, up the samples of the area lights, possibly change the world gradient, turn on OSA and render.

The easiest way I find to postion th camera is to select the camera and then go into camera view by pressing numpad-0. Then move the camera while in that view. G,z,z zooms in and out. If you put the cursor on the object and rotate around cursor, you can press r and rotate around the subject.

Thanks osxrules .They are really usefull.When I finish it I will post it with the new background

Ok guys here is the update

List of fixes
*Changed background
*Changed lighting
*Changed texture in some apples

You can find the new version(My apples 2 here):

Please post your comments and critics

Please post comments & critics for the update

Wow that looks nice.

Except, to me the apples are lacking a certain…“wetness” to them. Maybe increasing the specular… and possibly adding the apple texture to a specular map.

I have to say the model itself of the apples are great. Very realistic.

I think if you just changed the texture to be a bit more “wet” looking itd be great.

How can I make them look wet , should I turn on ray mirror(I am not the most experienced Blender user

No. I dont think Reflections are necessary. Think about in real life. When you look into an apple, do you see your reflection? No most of the time you dont.

Basically I think Raise the specular, and increase the hardness quite a bit.

Also I dont know the result but try and apply the texture you used for the diffuse for Specular Map as well.

See how it turns out.

Overall I think once you play around with it… something will catch your eye.

And if you have one of these apples handy, you can keep it by your side. Theres nothing better then real life for a ref right beside you.

Good Luck, Im anxious to see the result, H0f_-

Adding wetness to apples is not that easy because wet apples look like this:

which means you would have to model the drops using meta objects. Or maybe you could use some sort of texture based approach but it would be tricky.

I agree about the specular highlight.

I think a slight reflection would look great. Turn on raymir at 0.1.

A couple of other things are that the apples sort of look like they are floating now. I’m pretty sure that’s because the dark shadows don’t match the cast shadows unless the apples aren’t touching the ground properly of course.

If it’s the shadows, you need to turn the alpha on the plane texture up. I set it at 0.6 in my scene. Either that or lighten the dark shadows on the apples by shining a lamp underneath the apples - click in the render window at the shadows points to see if the RGB values match. I would change the alpha first though.

I think the backdrop suits the scene a bit more because you focus on the apples but perhaps a complementary colour would look good on the background. Maybe a wine colour? Try a colour like (0.3,0,0.1) fading to black. If you find there is not enough contrast, you could put the apples on a white plate or in a basket.

Also when test rendering, turn the area light samples down and turn off osa.


Monkey has specular 250 hardness, 0.8 intensity, raymir 0.1, plane alpha is at 1.

You could even go to somewhere like:

and map a tile velvet image texture to get something like this:

Except you might want to turn the texture round so the highlights/shadows match your scene. Remember and map the texture to the world and not the plane though.

Quick question, is that a bump map (nor) or a Displace map ?

It is nor

There is something off with the composition. The lighting is not good. All apples look very flat. I suggest the proper use of keylights. Make it shine hard on those apples. Use fill lights to elleminate the total darkness under some of those apples. Make the apple more reflective. Almost full specularity. Use kick lights, use bounce lights. Make the shadows less hard. The ground texture is streched in the foreground and a little blurry. The apples should be placed off the middle of the picture to make it more pleasent to look at. If you use an area light, let it affect diffuse only and use a non-shadow casting lamp that affects specularity only.

I think I can think of a way to make little droplets on those apple. I’m just brainstorming here so bear with me:

Take the basic mesh of the apple. Duplicate it and leave it on the same location. Make it a very dense mesh by subdividing it a couple of time. Put a ‘hivey’ texture on it (stucci or something better). Map it to displacement. Now do a boolean operation (differnce I think). Maybe you should have resized the textured apple so you only end up with these droplets. Give it the appropiate materials (fresnell, ior etc) Parent or join or whatever these droplets to the original mesh. My only concern is that these droplets won’t have a smooth falloff at the base. Any suggestions?

UPDATE 2 !!! :smiley:

List of fixes:
*Added red velvet texture in the plane
*Added specular,hard,ray mirror

Ok guys here is the third version of those apples

I want to thank everyone (especially osxrules) for your replies.

Please post your comments & critics for this update(only)

Damn! Now it’s realy looking much better.