My best render!!

Hi there,

It’s probably my 2nd/3rd week using Blender.
This is my best render until now. :wink:
It are (as you can see) some wine glasses.
Hope you’ll like it. :smiley:

It’s nice. I know the first time I rendered a glass goblet I was pretty proud of myself too. It’s the first thing I figured out how to do that made me think, “wow, Blender is going to be sooo cool,” and, “I am awesome”. It actually requires quite a bit of knowledge to do that but all these guys are so far ahead of us that it’s scary.

Keep at it.

pretty good!
what’s the IOR for the glasses? it looks a little strange, it should be about 1.5.
and i think the base should be a little wider…just looks a little too narrow.

thank you :smiley: Yea, i changed it now. It look’s better now.

A very sterile composition. The base of the glasses is too small, no wonder one of them fell over. The two standing glasses don’t really look like they are on the table.

Yea I know, how to fix this btw?

It seems that you used buffered shadows, I would recommend you using rayteraced softshadows on close range renders, that way it won’t look pixelated, but can get noisy.
Also some color would help a lot, like a dark red or maroon for the table, and maybe some kind of yellowish cream like color for the wall. Don’t forget that you can also color the shadow and light.