my best renders so far, I think they're pretty cool

Hi. I’m new at BlenderArtists. here is some stuff that I have finished, and I would like some comments/suggestions (please be nice)

Welcome to BlenderArtists, very nice introduction, and let me assure you, far better than my first pieces that I posted here.

The sun would actually work quite well as a game model I think and the CPU render is very nice.

Welcome My friend! Enjoy your stay here, oh and don’t take things too seriously. It will make life much easier! The processor is nice! Really like it.

Welcome to the forums, and very good first renders, I can assure you they were better than mine…

i still suck too, but that last one shows alot of promise, keep at it :smiley:

ah the old 486 dx2 - I had one of them - takes me back. that’s the best of the bunch.