My BGE Demo Graphics ( Presented in Brazilian National Conference )

In the last month in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil,
the Blender comunity met in Blender Pro 2009 , The Brazilian National Conference of Blender.
Members of all Brazil was together to promote the Blender and the Open Source spirit.
And I had the pleasure to present a lecture about Advanced Materials and Effects in BGE.
I had made available the slides and the .blend for all comunity.

The Demo Graphics Pack have:

Multitone Car Shader with MicroFlaker - ver 2.0

Realtime Volumetric Cloud adapted to Sun- Day effect - ver 3.0

Modular Realtime Refraction to Volume Models ( Suport RigidBody and Softbory ) - ver 1.0
Video HERE

Skin Shader - ver 3.0

Ultimate Water Shader - ver 3.0 ( Stable )

Ultimate Water Shader - ver 4.0 ( Experimental with Refraction )

Video HERE

Download the Slides and .Blend HERE

Enjoy! :wink:

nice stuff man! keep up the good work.

Really cool images – thanks for sharing and good luck with your future projects.

Very impressive demos :slight_smile:

I was waiting for you to post that Realtime Refraction scene since I saw your youtube video a while ago.

Good job!

Jesus… :eek::eek::eek::eek:

made me happy know someone see and like that :smiley:

Thank you guys !

Hey Vitor!
Great job!
I love it!
We are getting ready for our first cyclon demo!
I need your help agin, by intergrating your water and filter.
Please come online again!

Very nice stuff here. I hope these see a lot of use in future BGE projects.

muito legal cara, parabens pelos projetos, esses shader sao muito legais, achei muito interessantes o de pele e o de refração (provavelmente eu ja tinha achado os outros, o de carro e o da agua interessantes na mesma proporcao quando vc mostrou pela primeira vez), muito bom mesmo e parabens pelo envento, nem chegou aos vinte e ja esta dandno palestras imagina daqui uns anos.

HELP !!! cant download .blend and slides files … says “The file link that you requested is not valid.”

wow! real time refraction? Impressive. You have anything dealing with reflection?

Thread Necro…
This thread was made in 2009 and is unlikely to be useful even if the links still did work.

Additionally, it seems that any AMD / ATI based systems will not display game objects with materials that utilize ramps within the material panel and I don’t get the same results when trying to create a blend texture to use in place. Anyone one with pointers?
I use an AMD radeon, and colour ramps work fine, but the blend texture will not work for any graphics card.

Furthermore, I can reproduce a (possibly machine based; specific to my PC) bug throughout 2.65-2.69 where creating and adjusting a ramp/blend texture causes blender to close every time (for me).

Well, post it in the relevant part of the forums, see if other people have the problem, and report it to the bug tracker.