My BGE Message actuator does not work although others are working

Hello Blenderartists! I’m having a really big problem with my message actuator. I need you to help me find the root of the problem.

This is the image of the object’s logic that sends the message below:

And this is the image of the object’s logic that receives the message:

Although others are working (which shown green), message shown in red doesn’t work and i don’t know why? I tried most of things but it didn’t help.

*I’m sending messages between scenes.
*I tried to change the name of the object and didn’t work.
*In my previous save files, it was working and this file goes the same way.
*I checked other discussions but nothing would help

UPDATE: Problem occurs from mouse clicks. When i set for keyboard press it works but mouse click (mouse over + left button) does not work. Does anyone know why?

Thank you.

I’s a bit difficult to discern what is what with your ah … Node spaghetti ^^
Could you share a blend file so others like myself can hopefully debug your project, thanks.

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Hi Oncu_Ozgonul! first of all, check whether you wrote the message text correctly for the recipient object, if there is no match of one letter, the message sensor will not give a signal about its receipt, the second - it is possible that when you activate the object states change and the first message does not pass(this is an assumption since the picture shows that the states change but it is not clear how this affects the sensors/actuators) I would recommend a simpler system in python if of course you understand its basics - it gives you more complete control over objects messages and states and you choose when to change the states before sending the message or after

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Hi again. First of all thank you for you all’s good reply. I finally find out the problem. Problem comes from the situation of main scene. When i press button “tab” to reach the scene of messages which sends, then main scene got suspended. So i canceled the suspending actuator. And problem solved.

But i’m sure i will have other questions in near future. And i want to send the link of my blender game when it is finished here to you to play. (FPS - horror game. I’m working on it for 7 months and it has 10-15 minutes gameplay time. Hope you enjoy it.)

Hi Oncu_Ozgonul! :slightly_smiling_face: I am glad that you were able to find and solve the problem in your game yourself, I am also glad that you want to share a demo version of your game - I will wait for it, I will also tell you about the operation of actuators and sensors-logic blocks work in order - first work those logic blocks that are higher in the editor then lower to the very bottom - just remember how these blocks work when compiling the logic of objects in the game - it’s like a book where line goes by line. I wish you good luck in developing your game

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