My big day!! and mirror stats

I just realized I have achieved Monkeyhood and surpassed 75,000 downloads/hits for November on my video tutorial website :smiley: Happy days!!

I’d be interested to know if any of the people who were kind enough to mirror the tutorials would send me their stats for November (just curious). Thanks again for your help.


congratz! Loved your tuts :slight_smile:

Very helpful tutorials, dude. Thanks for investing your time and effort! :smiley:

Yes! The videos were VERY helpful!! Thank You!!:smiley:

welcome GreyBeard to Monkeyhood :slight_smile:

I got myself a own smiley for something weird ones ago…and now I am a mod :wink:
(no need for other status…yet!)


Well GreyBeard, by now you know what I think of your video tutorials … the only thing I can add is … when is the next one?.

Not a problem greybeard, I’ll get those stats for you, by no later than tomorrow. :smiley: