My bird model

I am about to model a bird.

Enjoy a couple of hours work on the body of the the bird!!

Comments and Crits are more than welcome!


Looking good so far. What type of bird is this going to be? Looks like a sparrow to me :).
I’d recommend to take out the eye and build it as a separate object this enables you to manipulate it independently of the body mesh which is a must for animation.
Is this for animation or are you going for a still image?
Some wires would be nice to give better critics about the modelling.
Keep up the good work.

hey! toon shading on this would look nice! if you dont know how to toon shade just go to the render window and click edge then click edge setting and turn up the intensity so it looks good for you

looks like a good start so far!

Thanks for the comments guys!

Musk: Yeah it´s going to be a Sparrow.
The eyes are already separated objects (just with the same material as the body)
and i will try animate it.
here you can see it with wires (i don´t know why the legs aren´t loking that great but anyways)

Here it is with toon shading too (you are right it looks great)!


You really need to move the legs. I have never seen a bird with such an extruding chest:no:. I mean, try to imagine this bird trying to stand up! I would topple forward! Also, I might try to point the tail upward, lengthen the legs, make the feet larger and doing something to the beak. You might be able to go somewhere with this project, maybe even make a nice animation/rig, but I would suggest fixing the aforementioned problems first. Look at the bird in my sig, (the wip) while it may not be a sparrow, there are still similarities.

I don’t mean to tear you down by listing these things, (or be mean) rather I’m giving you some solid critique on how you can improve your bird.:wink:
I trust you understand!

Is subsurf turned on? If yes could you give a wire without it? You should also give it more pronounced eyebrows or lids. Will easy the task of giving it emotions. And I agree with yoshi the legs are not in the center of gravity.

It looks like something from Plumiferos. I think the proportions are wrong, like Red Yoshi said, the legs are in the wrong spot and I think the upper body is too big, but maybe you wanted to give it a more cartoony look.

First i will ask you guys about how i shall make the wings. I have tryied with a lot of feathers but it didn´t turned out as i wanted it to, so please come up with som good ideas!

And again thanks for all the comments and critique:

Red yoshi: Thank´s for the critic (yeah SOLID critique). I could actually use it. I maybee didn´t moved the legs as much as you thought of, but i moved them a little, couse i can see the problem too but it is a toon like bird so i think it is working now.
What is it actually wrong with the beak?

Musk: Here it is with wire and without subsurf.

Captiankirk: Yeah it looks like plumiferos. It is made while I sometimes looked how the bird in plumiferos looked like.
And yes i wanted to make a more cartoony look, but not as much as it became to look like with the VERY extruded cheast.

Picture one is a wire version without subsurf and picture two is the first try on the wings!


Yeah that looks better… I’d work on the wings a little more… make sure there are no more holes in the wings. Also, the tail, I would either make the end pointy or make it have a small base and then fan out. Possibly also make the tail feathered. I’m not sure what is bothering me about the beak… when I find out I’ll tell you.

Good progress!

Think about where the center of gravity will be in your character’s body- the feet will touch the ground directly below that point.

I think the feet should be bigger and the legs longer and angling forward more. If the forwardmost part of the bird’s foot does not contact the ground in front of where a line drawn straight down from the center of gravity of the bird’s body would hit the ground, you character is defying the laws of physics and will look awkard.

Also remember that the perceived center of gravity, which is what we are really talking about when we discuss the center of gravity of a CG character, is based mostly on volume- the big head sticking far out and the barrel chest move the perceived center of gravity forward.