My Bird-Troll-Thing

well I got him textured,…i think i might also make some neck feathers using beast.

Ha! I love those flowerpots. So craaazy.

What are planning on doing with these crazy birds?

well i am trying to figure that out still, but i have some other troll-things ( the others are more troll-like ) so i figure i’ll stick them together with the kids i made for ‘frograces’. also i have some of the ‘troll-woods’ made.

Nice work Modron.

Only crit I have is try and make the transition in the textures less sharp. You can see the lines where you separated the meshes for your UV mapping very clearly. Make them transition into one another for a better effect.


Haha I love this one Modron. The flower pot is a great addition :smiley: Just need to fix the feathers up a bit.

Awesome work.

I agree, that flowerpot adds so much to the character.