My birthday was...November 2nd!

I turn 15 today.

I won a free lasertag birthday party in a raffle a few months ago, and now I can finally use it. I hope to have some fun today.

CONGRATS!!! :smiley:
I hope you enjoy yourself, pirate, and send us some pics of that party of yours. :wink:
Have a very merry birthday.


Your friend Peter


I’ll have to remember to bring a camera…

Congratulations man.

Don’t forget to treat yourself with a nice T-shirt or cool magnet. It’s your 15th birthday, so why not act silly this time.

happy bithday to yooou, happy biirthdayy tooo yoou happy biiithdaaay, dear Arr Matey!!, Happy bithday to yoooooou!! :smiley:
Here is a gift for you. But I’d only had some silly red transperant paper back. But whatever. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!:slight_smile:

Happy birthday.
I’ll be turning 15 also in the middle of the month.

Happy birthday, Arr2Bl3nd Matey!!

Happy B-day! Congrats! :smiley:


Congratz and have a happy birthday!

I’m starting to feel old:)

Happy birthday

and as always, the blender animation that plays happy birthday song!

My party was great! Everyone showed up (I showed up 8 minutes late due to traffic, but my dad got there first and greeted everyone).

We played 2 games of lasertag, ate pizza & cake, and played arcade games.

I got about $123.50 in gift cards ($50 for GameCrazy, $40 for Toys-R-Us, $30 for EBGames, and $3.50 for Jamba Juice), a snickers bar, Mario 64 DS, and HL2: Episode 1.

Pics tomorrow.

Laser tag is fun I would agree to that.

We have this place on the east side of town called Laser quest. Until I broke the few year old tradition of going there on my 11th birthday every birthday of mine and my friends it was Laser quest, Laser Quest, Laser Quest.