My Blender 1 Year Anniversary

I created this image as a celebration of the fact that I’ve been using Blender for a whole year now. It is my computer desk where I create my Blender projects, and scattered all around is a small piece of every complete image I’ve created in this past year. Sort of a collage of all my completed projects.

If anyone is interested in seeing all the source images, check out my deviantart page at:

And a big thanks to the Blender Cookie site for bringing me to the level I’m at with Blender. Couldn’t have done it without you!


Very cool idea I recognize all of them…great job:) Did you end up using cycles or BI?

Happy Blending!

Bravo Josh… you’ve inspired me, in 4 months I’ll do the same. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I used Cycles, which was a pain with some of the items as they were set up for BI and, in a few cases, Luxrender.

Yea me too! This is amazing!

this is very good, great job …

I think that just F-King Rocks! Good for you.

Well done mate and massive progress I am sure year two with Blender will be even better

playbot XD
great job dude :smiley:

that jack daniels bottle is way too small, otherwise looks solid

Beautiful idea!!! Congrat… I’m agree with Kemmler… and the glasses seem too big.

Happy Blender Birthday!! :slight_smile: lol Playbot

Awesome scene, it’s got a lot of character. Love the toys, the desk, and the alcohol.

I’ve had a year with Blender so I know what a joy it is looking over the progress one year can make. and I have to say that you are at a great level after such a short time.

Great idea.
I think Kemmler is right about the JD bottle though.

I took some of your comments, as well as those of my family, and made a few tweaks to the image. I large sized the Jack Daniels and added my hat to the desk items. Also added some paper trash to the trash can for realism and I replaced the Bob-Omb in the bottom corner with a Thwomp keychain thing. I just didn’t really like the Bob-Omb just sitting there.


this is great! poor choice of desk chair though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, my butt would definitely agree.

Great. I know you from DA. Always good stuff from you.

Yeah, pretty cool stuff indeed and good product placement hehe!