My Blender Ad

This is a cool ad I made for Blender. I hand-modelled the logo and letters. Please click for full size image. I made it nice and big.

Nice composition.

As I remember, the Blender Organization is a bit reluctant to this kind of adds, specially if you change the colors. They have a .blend file containing the registered Blender’s Logo with the right colors.

Also the orange circle does not look right, so it is a bit contradictory the word Professional when the Logo does not look as such.

This is not a crit, it is an information tip.:spin:

This link may help you to understand all about Blender’s Logo:

I’m sorry, I messed up the colors. This is a recreated picture.


Huh. I looked at the page, but it is unclear if the white circle in the middle is simple just a white part or it isn’t there at all, because in some of the logos it is there and in some it’s not.