My Blender Attic *update

I had this great idea of saving all my blender junk that is repeatedly saved a million times, into a few collections, and pack them up, and delete the redundant files. I haven’t checked the total bits recently, but trust me it is colosal. Anyway I thought my junk looked kind of cool just sitting there, so here is collection 2 of my Blender junk.

hahaha, sweeet

very nice, i like the most the hammer and and that eye!

Thanks. I’ll update with the various collections as I go along. I have tons more stuff to inventory.

i like the ships and the lizard. never seen them posted before. very cool

Thanks, the lizard made a brief appearance with blognar, and one of the ships is the ornithopter from WC dune,…here’s collection 1,…

Hold on, hold on. What is the Balrog doing being packed up? Your not going to finsh him. I know you had a huge responce with him when you posted him in the works in progress. You have to finish him dude.

do it

do it

don’t worry I won’t give up on him. I was actually thinking I should get around to finishing him, now that i have the new tuhopuu UV mapping tools. I’m just packing him to save space.

This is a cool idea, modron! It’s almost like a blender museum…



or a vitual closet. Mine would be stuffed to the rafters.

great idea, although i wouldn’t call some of that stuff “junk” it looks pretty cool to me.


Haha way cool Modron.
Why use some big boring gallery if it can be placed in two pictures :smiley:

I think maybe when it’s all packed up, I’ll actually do some lighting, maybe texture a couple things, and render them all in a huge scene by using the backbuffer and building it up in layers. I need to get some more materials packed in there too.