My Blender Crahes after a render

Hi friends,
I missed my Blender, :expressionless: , I was working with Blender 2.35, everything was fine, I had everything working, I could render a single frame and short animations, then I decided to render a long animation, I changed the output to panorama, and set up an animation for rendering which had 250 frames, Blender rendered that animation , but then , BOOM , it crashed , and never came back , I am running Win/XP on Compaq nx9010 , Blender starts crashing when I click on Icon. did anyone have the same experience?

any suggestion ?

thank you

I have had crashes when rendering stills with yafray. Did you used the internal renderer or yafray? does blender crashes everytime at launch-up now, or can you access to a blender session?