My Blender file saves but when i open it later on, it is completely different

Hi, I really hope someone knows the answer to this because it has me baffled. When I save my work it is great, I re open it and it is fine. There is one instance where it is not. I am using Manuel Bastioni addon. I create my rigged character. I want to change his resting pose. So as expected I go to object mode, copy the armature modifier, apply the modifier. I then go to pose mode, apply pose as resting position. All good so far. The reason I want to do this is to add a bvh file later and to target to my ready posed rigged character.

I also remove the preset manuel bastioni subdivision modifier to speed up my render time for later.

Now here is the weird part. I save the blender file. I re open the blender file later on, and this most unexplainable thing happens. I see my mesh in the original pose which it was in when i first created it, the armature in the new resting pose i created earlier and the subdivision modifier still there. how is this even possible? Not only did it NOT save my work but it did not even revert to the original manuel bastioni created character, but to something in between what i thought i saved (the new resting pose which i thought blender should have saved) and the mesh in its default Manuel Bastioni pose. I just do not understand. I throught i must have made a mistake and not saved it but i tried multiple times and the same every time. Can someone please help me to understand this so that I can resolve it? I cannot find anything online about this.

I don’t have much experience with that addon but from what I remember, you have to finalize the character otherwise it regenerates it each time you open the file.

Thank you for your reply. Could you please advise what that entails?

He said, I should finalize the character. What could this mean? OK, I’ll just take a look at the interface of the addon. Oh, there it is the “Finalize Tools” button. Now I can go on with my work instead of waiting for long hours for an answer.

Thanks man!!