My Blender learning thread

My first question is Im running through a tutorial and it states to check x-axis mirror the other bones. I do so and go to edit it does nothing. Is it somewhere else or did I miss a step.

Second question, I notice that when it is in object and in-game mode the texture doesn’t quite line up. When I go into edit mode it does. Is this normal behavior?


  1. I believe the bones have to be named appropriately to show which is which. For example, “Elbow.R” and “Elbow.L”. It might not work for extruding, though; I’m not certain.

  2. Try converting the model to triangles and seeing if that shows the error in Blender, or fixes it in the BGE. It might just be a bad triangle layout right in that particular spot. If that’s the case, you can try converting just that face to triangles, and seeing if that allows you to fix the UV maps.

Expanding on SolarLune:

  1. Bones need to named as x.R and x.L, also .left and .right, _left and _right etc work. For beginning work on elbow you first need to manually extrude both sides, then fix the naming for the elbows. Now when you name it appropriately it immediately snaps the opposing bone into relevant position when you move the other. Also extruding/subdividing works so creating the hands will be swift. More info:

  2. This is non-planar quad error. All your quads should be near planar so try moving some of the 4 vertices so that they seem to lie on a same “plane”. If you can’t do that you might want to triangulate that face instead. Don’t triangulate the entire mesh! Editing triangulated mesh is much harder because you lose loop flow.